Quick Help and Support

Welcome to your Sobeys Employee Self Service (ESS)! The following is some quick help and support that will help you use your Employee Self Service Account.

Please Note: The Employee Self Service system will be unavailable at 7:00pm Atlantic time for up to 15 hours every Saturday due to scheduled maintenance of the HR System. If you are using ESS at this time you will be disconnected and unable to login again until the HR system is available.

Your User ID is your Employee number. If you do not know your Employee number, please see your Administrator, Timekeeper or Human Resources Representative.

Your initial ESS password is capital 'S' + last three digits of your social insurance number + your year of birth. For example, if your SIN is 111 222 333 and date of birth is January 1, 1975 your Password is S + SIN + YEAR = S3331975

You only have three attempts to logon. After three unsuccessful attempts to logon, your account will be locked. Unlock your password using the Reset my password link on the Welcome screen.

If you experience issues with your initial password, contact the Solution Center.

If you forget your password you can reset it by correctly answering your security question, using the Reset my password link on the Welcome Screen. There are two methods available. Leave the email address field blank and your password will be reset to your initial password that is made up of a capital "S" plus the last three digits of your social insurance number and your year of birth. Or, you can enter the email address that is associated with your ESS account and a new temporary password will be emailed to you.

If you get this error , please see the rules below to create a valid password.

The following are the password rules that must be followed when creating a new ESS password:

  • Cannot be changed to any of the last five passwords used
  • Must be at least 7 characters and no more than 8
  • Must not contain '!' or '?' as the first character
  • Must not contain the sequence of the first three characters of your Login (Employee Number)
  • Must not contain identical first three characters
  • Must not contain spaces within the first three characters
  • Must not contain any part of "restricted words", see the list below
  • Can use any characters which may be typed on the keyboard are allowed in the password (i.e. not Enter, Tab, Shift, Ctrl, etc)
  • Are case sensitive - if you use capital letters in the creation of your password, you must use them each time you enter your password.
  • Cannot change their password more than once a day but you can reset it more than once.

Restricted words

IE Compatibility Mode

If you are having an issue viewing your pay statement using Internet Explorer, try turning on Compatibility Mode.

You can either use the icon on the right side of the address bar or you can add sobeys.com to the dialog box under Tools/Compatibility View Settings. For the mode to work you may need to restart Internet Explorer. (If your main menu is not displayed, hit the Alt key.)

If you cannot access your account, please contact the Sobeys Solution Center:

West/Ontario/Atlantic employees: Call, toll free, 1-877-425-1845.

Quebec employees: Call 514-324-1010, ext. 2566 (Montreal area) or 1-800-716-1414, ext. 2566 (outside the Montreal area, toll free).